Did anyone watch the show on Camden, New Jersey - the most poverty ridden city?

United States
January 28, 2007 9:46am CST
Wow what a show that could really awaken you to how serious poverty is in this city. There are basically no jobs because all the factories left years ago. The drug lords rent the corners for $10,000.00 a week to the dealers. And listening to the children was so heartbreaking at how much these little ones have to deal with. They really pulled my heart stings and I have to say that if I had any extra money I would definitely find the best way to donate money to the city so it could provide more for these children who really need a chance to survive what they are having to live with!!! They also said the murder rate there is 7 times the national average!!!! So scary for those children as well as their families!!! So what would you do if you could do something to help this poor city?? Do you think the city should be doing more for them??
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