Cooking Tips... anyone?

United Arab Emirates
January 28, 2007 9:50am CST
My wife likes to cook but she isn't really an expert. In fact she's still learning and wanted to develop the skill. I made this discussions so that i may add to some sort of tips & tricks she already knows as well as to make cooking a bit convenient, time saving & possibly more enjoyable. I guess this would also help others who are also trying to learn some..that is, if anybody care to share some tips they know. The tip i'll share is how to avoid being teary-eyed when slicing onions. Most may already know this but i think it's worth sharing. Immerse the onion prior to cutting in an icy or cold water before slicing. You may also try to put it in a fridge for a short time such that it will be a bit cold. Don't prolong it in the ref to avoid its odors filling the fridge.
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