how much is too much to pay for internet?

@janjabu (110)
January 28, 2007 11:07am CST
does it depend on the speed? here in qatar the quality of living is admittedly more expensive than in manila. we're being charged 5 qatari riyals, about php70 per hour on the internet, it's broadband but it's not that fast since there's a lot of users, whereas in manila you can go online for php25, and that's guaranteed high-speed. for a broadband line at home, it's 200 qatari riyals per month, around php2800, whereas in manila, it's only about php900. how much do you pay where you're from? in bangkok, it's 20 baht per hour. around php30 or so. however, i'm sure it's more expensive in europe, so i just wanna know. is what i'm paying too much?
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@SK401001 (934)
• United States
28 Jan 07
well, I have a DSL connection and pay $15.00 for that a month. Not sure what that converts over into your currency. but that should give you some idea.
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@janjabu (110)
• Qatar
28 Jan 07
wow! that's only about 55 qatari riyals!!!