item that connects hard disk to the laptop

July 2, 2006 4:11pm CST
can any one help me? I am looking for the item that connects the Hard disk to the Laptop. I am not sur what it is called. Maybe connector, ide coverter or something else? Have tried several places but haven't found one yet. Can anyone help or give me a tip about what to do? svein
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@cyrux004 (949)
• India
3 Jul 06
If the reason you want to connect one laptop's hard disk to other is transer of some data then you can do it in other ways. If you have some network existing between them ..wireless or wired ? If no join a cat5/e cable between the both But if you want to use it permenantly you must look on other options. Posting pics can help for sure
@crazynate (246)
• United States
2 Jul 06
What exactly are you trying to do? Connect a laptop hard drive to a desktop computer, connect a desktop hard drive to a laptop, or something different entirely? Every laptop hard drive I've ever changed just had a tray that the drive mounted into, and that tray just mounted in the computer itself, no other adaptors necessary. If you can provide more information about what it is you're trying to do, I can give you some more help.,,