Who will be the next president of the USA ?

@Danielu (599)
January 28, 2007 2:50pm CST
I hope that Hilary Clinton will be the next one!
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• United States
28 Jan 07
I actually think that Barack Obama has a very good chance of winning. Im a republican but his insight and how he talks about unity really reels me in. I like him and I do hope he wins.
@Danielu (599)
• Romania
29 Jan 07
I don`t know who is this Barack Obama but if you say probably something is true. I see that all womens will vote for Hilary and i think that in USA there are more woman than men.
@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
14 Feb 07
I actually think she has no chance against Rudy Guilliani. He has more compassion and desire to know his people. When he came to my college he wanted to just walk around and met the students. What other president or politician has done that?
@howard96h (11658)
• New York, New York
31 Jan 07
She has as much a chance as anyone else. Depends how the people will vote. I think many peole will agree we need a change.
• Australia
31 Jan 07
I hope Hillary will win, but I'd be happy if Obama won too. It's GOT to be better than the current president...