wt should any one do ..to deserve heaven ???

@saunty (604)
January 28, 2007 3:13pm CST
Sometimes i do wonder that wt should a person do to book his/her ticket for heaven after death...wt u people think??
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• India
21 Sep 07
put your trust in GOD, ask HIM for GuidancE truely from your heart, and you will see that you will be getting great insight, folloe them pick up the things that are not to be missed, without doubt you will be guided, GOD is closer to us than our jugular vein, that is the vein which is on the right and left side of our neck. believe me. GOD ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH GUIDES those who seek guidance. we walk a stp towards HIM and HE is there a 100 steps forward. GOD first(before anything) and then you will feel that heaven is getting closer. always TrusT in GOD MOST HIGH, MOST KIND