money saving Tips

January 28, 2007 3:42pm CST
has any body got any money saving tips as i am allwys either looking at the reduced in the local shop, too not flushing the loo as many times and filling the kettle to the amount needed, just cant help myself and you would be surprised what you can save!!
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@remaster74 (4066)
• Greece
28 Jan 07
We all now the most simple way to save money. You have to collect all your change in a basket or a cup and forget about them. You will only add, not extract. At that point of real need you will have monay for sure and a good amount. You can save money from: 1. when you leave a room to go to another and then return to the first one, don't leave the light on. 2. When you go somewhere and it will be only for few minutes and the pc screen is on, turn the screen off. 3. When you are leaving the house and you are supposed to return after an hour or more, take all the plugs of appliancies of (except the one of the refriggerator).
29 Jan 07
Thanks, see i do not actually do that but do know the benefits it can included by having a pot to save! i have all energy saving light bulbs and only have them on when need be, it is actually cost effective to leave your computer on depending how much you use it, and as i spend a bit of time on it i as you said just turn the monitor off ! some times its the simple little things that count. thanks for your reply.