Friends - how to make them?

@p_i123 (486)
October 9, 2006 5:05am CST
Friends - how to make them? For most of my life up until about 3 months ago I didn't have any friends outside of school. My friends were just people I hung with at lunch time. Now I'm starting to try make friends and it's hard. I don't have any activities as I don't like to go places or do things by myself. So I'm resorting to women I work with (I get along with women better than men). I usually work with new people every month or two. I can have great conversations, have them laughing, very positive. Yet when I try and take itoutside work just as friends they baulk, or seem interested but nothing eventuates. It's affecting my confidence and my mood. Like one girl who said she'd like to see a movie sometime yet appears to be trying to get out of it imo. I could be reading into it of course. Then there was a person who said no thanks. And I've been chatting to a girl online, and she suggested a get together sometime next month, yet ever since she hasn't been replying to my emails? What should I do about this?
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