Raising Adults

January 29, 2007 12:33am CST
People talk about raising children. We are in fact not raising children, we are raising adults. When we plant a seed for an apple tree, we are not growing a sapling, we are growing an apple tree. We are expecting that seed to grow, first into a sapling, and then, over time, we are expecting it to grow into a fully-grown apple tree. Sometimes we forget that we are raising adults, not children. They are currently children, but the end goal of nurturing, caring for, and guiding our children, is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted, and well-prepared, fabulous adult with the best chance in life we can manage to give them. We can really give our children the best start by looking ahead regarding our discipline and teaching choices. Everything we say and do regarding our children can changes their future as an adult. Every thing we say and do regarding our children can mean the difference to their financial situation as adults, the relationships they are drawn to, their professional success. We change who they are and the adults they become, according to how we treat them.
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