Tuberculosis Still a Challenge

January 29, 2007 1:52am CST
Tuberculosis was declared as a global emergency by the World Health Organization in 1993, after passing morethan 13 years it is still a challenge for the Health workers . The directly observed treament short course (DOTS) has not significantly reduce the burden of TB cases. It is observed that a positve case of TB produce 10 to 15 new cases. Therefore it is necessary to treat the positive cases whose Sputum is infected with Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB). It is sad that no any new medicine come into market to decrease the over all treatment course of 8 months,the medicine available for TB is about 50 years old .There is lack of interest from the western countries and USA in this communicable diseases, because this disease occur mainly in Asia africa and third world countries. It is time to take concrete measures to eradicate TB from the World. The resistant to TB drugs and overall increase in INCIDENCE & PREVELANCE in the 3rd world countries is a challenge ,and the time is not far when this Disease will engulf the Europe & USA!
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