which is the best version of nfs

January 29, 2007 2:00am CST
i think its nfs underground...what do u say
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• India
26 Feb 07
i have played only need for speed most wanted black edition. so for me its the best one.
• Pakistan
18 Feb 07
NFS underground and NFS V is best games that i played and i liked very much.
@ToMuSH (202)
• Israel
3 Feb 07
I think it is NFS most wanted. I just like the rush of police cars chasing after you! I like SO much shaking them off! What do u think??
@nitrodona (418)
• Italy
1 Feb 07
I think that underground, underground 2 and most wanted are approx at the same level. For various reasons those games are the best made from this series. I think that in Underground the fascination of the illegal street racing born with the movie "The fast and the furious" it has found following in this game. In Underground 2 were implemented some things that make at the game long life, like a big improve of the car tuning with lot of accessories. In Most Wanted is very nice the history of the protagonist, it look like a movie, with lots of clip when she talk with other racers or with the cops. I think that Carbon has small changes for being considered much better of the last productions of the series.
@ahmed25 (36)
• India
1 Feb 07
Yes you are right, i also like to play nfs underground.
• India
31 Jan 07
i think NFS UG is having good graphics but NFS UG2 is having good game play and also the graphics r good . if u didnt play it try to play it ok see u
@shatman (727)
29 Jan 07
i think need for speed most wanted was the best game, the layout of all the features was great and easy to gte round, then idea of police pursuits was brilliant. the cars were great and the overall gameplay was the best from any racing game other than grand turismo