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January 29, 2007 2:34am CST
Few month ago,i was hunting job,i met a lot of difficults cause i lost job for a long time,and one day,i met a man who is a general manager of a investment company,they wanna find a assistant of general manager,so i have the end,i succeed. So,on the first working day.The nightmare is coming,at that night,he forced me being her girlfriend.maybe he drunked,he forced me making love with him,i refused.he angried,at last,we still do it.Then he told me ,he married having he separted with his wife,he asked me live with him,i can't do that in this circumstance. at last ,i leaved his company,still now ,we seldom keep in touch.but i am a woman,i miss him very much. I know that he has a lot of woman around i won'd be one of them;i am confused,i don't know what i can do and what i should do ....
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@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
29 Jan 07
A guy like him is not worthy of being loved by woman. Well, that does not mean that he does not have a chance to change. he might change but I do not think that he wants to change. Do you actually love him? Do you want to give your future to him. I guess its hard to discuss your feeling here and I cannot understand completely about what you are feeling right now. Obviously, what he did was wrong forcing you and all that. I guess you made the right choice of leaving the company, I am sure you will get a better job with better community, better boss than just him who just wanted you to be his girlfriend rather than working for him.Please dont fall into such a trap just because you are desperate for a job. I am sure you will get a better job if you try harder and never given up.