what is difference between celeron, pentium, pentium-Dual core

January 29, 2007 4:32am CST
Any one knows difference between celeron, pentium, and dual core.
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@jgeorge (132)
• India
29 Jan 07
the ratio of rates of processor acceptance size goes like this 2:1:4
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
29 Jan 07
Celeron is a cheap and slow CPU. It is no good for working with graphics... like if you do a lot of photo editing. Probably no good either for games. Intel are good for everything. But people playing games seem to prefer AMD. Dual core is the latest system where you run two hard disks in parallel. Both hard disks mirror each other... so that if you lose one... you don't lose anything as you still have the other one going. Those systems are also supposed to work faster.
• Northern Mariana Islands
29 Jan 07
this is from what i know and heard... talking bout the same speeds... celerons when compared to performance with the same speed of a pentium processor, shows poor performance..its processing powers are not that great compared to pentium processors... dual core are like having two processors...good for multi tasking and stuff like that...but if you want best performance while working with one main application that hogs up all the resources of the pc id go for a pentium processor ... for example you do video editing and stuff like that.. dual core 2's performance are much better seen on laptops..it has been said that the dual core 2 processors for desktops dont have that much a difference when compared to regular dual core chips. anyways, i would never settle for celerons...just my personal choice...i have been told that its weaker therefore cheaper...and i prefer AMD over celeron..
@usman400 (1588)
• Pakistan
29 Jan 07
Terms you coined are just brands for mother boards so just like a beauty soap offered by different companies u can think of motherboards too, some are cheap and good, some are cheap and not good, some are very xpensiev but not good, and some are xpensive and best ! in my view intel original rocks !
@ezzrssi (11197)
• Italy
29 Jan 07
the power is the difference