DBM and project management

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January 29, 2007 7:17am CST
A manager need not be concerned with the details of data storage since this internal representation and manipulation is regulated by the Database Manager Program (DBM). The DBM is the software program that directs the storage, maintenance, manipulation and retrieval of data. Users retrieve or store data by issuing specific requests to the DBM. The objective of introducing a DBM is to free the user from the detail of exactly how data are stored and manipulated. At the same time, many different users with a wide variety of needs can use the same database by calling on the DBM. Usually the DBM will be available to a user by means of a special query language. For example, a manager might ask a DBM to report on all project tasks which are scheduled to be underway on a particular date. The desirable properties of a DBM include the ability to provide the user with ready access to the stored data and to maintain the integrity and security of the data. Numerous commercial DBM exist which provide these capabilities and can be readily adopted to project management applications.
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Well, those are some very helpfull information and it is very detailed too.