which is the best hobby

@smartraz (128)
January 29, 2007 7:45am CST
i am having a hobby of collecting stamps.but i now feel it as boring.actually the hobbies of collecting these type of stuff becomes boring after some time. what do you think as best hobby and please give reasons
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• India
11 Apr 07
To search a good hobby.
@Josette_J (806)
• Malaysia
10 Feb 07
Collecting stamps isn't that boring. I collect stamps too, but it's only a hobby when I received letters with nice stamps on them! There's no such thing as the 'best hobby'. If one likes to do something in particular and does it often, for example, reading, watching movies, etc, then it's considered his hobby. A hobby is something that you like to do and not because everyone's doing it.
@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
Because you don't have passion/inpiration to your hobby. Me I like to collect old coins and because of my grandmother. Collecting old coins is the memory of my grandmother.
• India
1 Feb 07
my all time best hobby to surf in the system and listening to music and dance is my best passions..
@anup12 (4180)
• India
1 Feb 07
The best hobby according to me is to read books.Reading books not ony gives us knowledge but also the power of reading makes u perfect.
• United States
29 Jan 07
I use to collect stamps when i was younger... way younger. Collecting something should have to do with your personaility. and what you are into. alot of people collect alot of different things, and it all depends on what they like, and what they are into.
@usama46 (863)
• Pakistan
29 Jan 07
i think it is reading.
@chiquitita (1227)
• Indonesia
29 Jan 07
Actually it depends on your personality. Everyone's best hobby may differ.As for me, it's good to collect things that you can use. I personally collect stone necklace and brooches. Because I am a girl and girl likes accessories. Cheers!
@IMHO_Dan (175)
• India
29 Jan 07
Hi, My hobby..................gud question,well i love all sorts of sports, but after commin to a busy city like bangalore n married with 2 kids,i dont have time or the facilities to palay.n my fav hobby now is daydreaming..lol n u never get bored with that