Would Appreciate Your Input

United States
January 29, 2007 3:45pm CST
I'm fairly new in network marketing, still got lots more learning than I knew I'd have to learn when I started almost a year ago and something I read awhile back disturbed me. It was an article about sellers receiving payments through Paypal, Clickbank, etc. for products we sell on the Internet. I haven't started selling anything on my website yet (see profile for link) for just that reason, BUT have a "Make A Donation" button on it and would like for anyone reading this, to test it for me so I know it's working and going into my account. Any amount would be appreciated and I thank you in advance. I will be following this discussion so after you make a donation, I will get back and acknowledge receiving it as well as thank you personally here or via email should you wish to remain anonomous. I've got so many good products to sell after I'm absolutely convinced that Paypal or any of the other accts I'll be using for my products are working but can only know by your input and making a donation of any amount.
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• Canada
30 Jan 07
You've Got Cash! I've never had any trouble at all with PayPal ever, in all the time I've been using it. Don't know anything about the others... don't bother with them.