How much do you really know about vaccines?

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January 29, 2007 3:46pm CST
Last night I sat up until 4:30 in the morning on mylot, responding to a discussion that touches my heart deeply, vaccination of our children. I decided to start my own discussion on the subject to see just how much people really do know about vaccines. Now before you start telling me how wonderful vaccines are and how every child must be vaccinated because they can get so sick if they aren't, hear me out, because I am the mother of SIX children who had moderate to severe reactions to their vaccines, and I have studied and researched the vaccine issue for more than 14 years now, so i feel that I do have a bit more knowledge in the subject than your average housewife. Here is our story... My first child was born in 1979, and I read everything I could throughout my pregnancy about pregnancy and childbirth. I have RH- blood, so that concerned me and I wanted to know all I could, so I spent a lot of time at the library throughout the whole 9 months. I learned alot about what was happening inside of me and alot about the RH factor too. I'm starting with this because of how doctors are now giving the RhoGahm shot during pregnancy now. In 79 they did not do this and in my readings I learned why. When RhoGahm is given during pregnancy there is risk of damage or death to the fetus. Now I read all this in a very thourough book on RH factor that was written by doctors sometime in the 60's or 70's. Now it is standard procesure to give the RhoGahm vaccine in the 6th month of pregnancy. This started about the time I got pregnant with my 6th child. I refused the vaccine because of what I had read in 79. My doctor at the time agreed with my decision and nothing more was said. When I became pregnant with my 7th child, my new doctor was a bit more insistant about me getting this vaccine. I argued it with him and we came to an agreement, and I suggest any woman with RH- blood do the same thing I did. The doctor my husband and I all agreed that we would monitor my antibodies, if I was not building any we would not take the shot, but I agreed that if antibodies were present at any point, then I would take the vaccine. I knew all would be fine as this was my 7th child and no others had any problems at all. This worked and when I was pregnant with my 8th child this same doctor kept his mouth shut, LOL. I am certainly not telling anyone not to have this vaccine during pregnancy, I am only stating what I learned many years ago, and that I had 8 children with absolutely no trouble without the RhoGahm during pregnancy. If you are concerned about not doing it, have your doctor check for antibodies, as long as there are none, the baby is safer if you do not get the vaccine while pregnant. As far as having the vaccine after the baby is born, I always did if the baby had RH+ blood, however after my last child was born I learned that the RhoGahm vaccine had issues just like all vaccines do, and that there were ways to safely have future babies after the first born RH+ baby, without risking the dangers of the vaccine. The next vaccine on my list before getting to the childhood vaccines, is the Vitamin K vaccine. By the time I had babies #7 and 8, I had learned alot about vaccines and was NOT about to vaccinate either of my two youngest. I made this clear to the doctor and the hospital staff. I signed all the required forms waiving all vaccines and eye drops. The doctor however tricked me into giving baby #7 the Vitamin K, because she had been in the womb for almost 24 hours after my water broke and it was needed to insure her blood clotted. That was one of those times when the doctor scares you into something you really never needed. I allowed it because it was a situation I had never encountered and I figured it was only a vitamin so it would be okay. Well I was wrong. I did some research and discovered that the vitamin K shot has been linked to childhood leukemia. I honestly did not research that any further so I do not know how much study has been done on that fact, but I did learn this... If you are breast feeding your baby, you in no way need the vitamin K because your milk has more vitamin K than they can put in that shot and it peaks on the 8th day after the baby is born. I took this info to my doctor at our two week baby check and he was surprised to learn this as he had never known that! I have to question what is taught to these people training to be our health care givers, but then again why would the pharmaceutical companies want you to know anything about natural health care, after all they want to outlaw all herbs and alternative medicines. Now to the childhood vaccines... Our 6 oldest children had all their vaccines, and each one of them had reactions to every one of the vaccines they were given. Everyone of my children screamed blood curlding screams for hours and hours after a vaccine, they would run a fever, the area around the shot side would swell, turn red, and be fire hot. These symptoms lasted for days and nothing would calm my babies. The doctor always said these were normal reactions and I just needed to give them tylenol and keep them comfortable. I was young and very naive and I believed every word they told me. Even after I sat for over an hour going over the form that you have to sign before they will give a vaccine releasing them from any liability should your child die, I still believed the doctor and what he said about how safe the vaccines were and how almnost every baby has some type of reaction, but they were normal and any long term trouble or death was 1 in a million. I learned after it was much too late, that all that was so very wrong and none of my children should have ever been vaccinated because of how severe my allergies were. I learned that any reaction is a bad reaction and is to be reported to the CDC IMMEDIATLY. I also learned that most doctors do not report any reactions, in fact they tell you it is normal, and then if your baby dies they tell you the vaccine had nothing at all to do with it, just a coincidence. I learned that doctors are supposed to do a thourough family history for allergies and neurological disorders, and if any exists, no vaccines should be given because the child is most likely to react to them. I also learned that the medical professions education is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Gee why would they want to teach alternative medicine? The vaccine industry alone is a multibillion dollar a year industry. I learned what went into vaccines too, and boy was that an eye opener. Here is a sample of what you can find in your children's vaccines, formaldahyde, thermasol, (mercury), aborted fetal tissue, human cells mixed with animal cells, and that is only a small list of ingredients you'll find in vaccines. Thanks to the doctors failing to do what is supposed to be done, my 6 oldest were repeatededly vaccinated and suffered when they should not have had to. My oldest son is a childhood cancer survivor, I blame vaccines due to the formaldahyde in the DPT's and others. My third son is severely autistic, and has seizures almost daily. The other 4 have allergies and depression issues, which may or may not be related to the vaccines, but they all had bad reactions when the vaccines were given, and some even contracted the diseases that they were being vaccinated against. As always, those were all normal reactions!School and vaccines... Schools will try hard to make you believe that your child has to be vaccinated in order to enter, however this is far from the truth, the fact is, the school has to allow your child to be in school. All you need to do if you do not vaccinate is file an examption with your schools board of education. They are required by law to honor your exemption and allow your child to attend school. My granddaughter has been in school for three years now on an exemption, and I myself used exemptions to avoid any boosters after I learned how dangerous vaccines are. I think that is a good amount of info to get us started on this discussion, I will answer questions and concerns as they are posted. As I already stated, this is a subject near and dear to my heart, because of my own personal experience and what vaccines have done to my children.
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