How many of you have come back from a bankruptcy successfully?

United States
January 29, 2007 4:47pm CST
I had a lot of credit card debt and the only thing to do was to declare bankruptcy at the time. I've struggled and done without for so long to make sure that everything was paid on time or if I didn't have enough, I've done without. I'm trying to refinance my home and some of my former problems are coming back up (some late payments) from when I was married. Once I bought out my ex-husband, I've paid everything on time, often more. But now with my past coming back and rearing it's head, I'm afraid it's going to bite me in the *ss.
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@patootie (3593)
30 Jan 07
I have in the past been very, very poor and have battled long and hard to make my finances come right again .. Then I met a man who has more than enough money ... and I was quite astonished to hear that many millionaires have gone bankrupt at least once in their lives ... seems to be a means to an end .. although I wouldn't like to try doing it myself ... Surely once you have been declared bankrupt all old debts are quashed .. that's the whole idea of going bankrupt isn't it ?? If old debts are coming back to haunt you then you need to get some debt advice ...
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