Bulletin Regarding Hackers

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January 29, 2007 6:00pm CST
So I open up one of my bulletins last week and this was posted: "Go to your friends list, hit 'edit friends' and you will see gray boxes with red X's and next to them they will say 'deleted-this profile no longer exists'-DELETE THEM!!! They are hackers and everyone has them so please go delete them!!" Then, I get another bulleting this morning with the following: "Actually, they indicate friends of yours' old profiles that have since been deleted, and it's just their remnants taking up space on your friends list." I hate to be one of those people who believes everything they read in the myspace bulletins but I did find two of these gray boxes. Just curious as to which bulletin is correct. Thanks!
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31 Jan 07
You should change your password. You may have signed on on a fake sign in page. Thats how the hackers got your password, and will still have it until you change your password. Also to prevent from signing in on a false page, make SURE that you type in www.myspace.com and thats all the sign in page says. :) good luck
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
30 Jan 07
I would say that the following is correct this is straight from TOM: REPOST FOR THOSE THAT MISSED IT::: Did you notice the X'd out "deleted users" in your edit friends page today? Some people have asked what that is.... It is all the users you've been friends with who have deleted their accounts. If you want your friend count to be accurate, just go in there and remove them. Simple right? The Hackers theory was a hoax I'm sure. Good luck!
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30 Jan 07
Thanks beanie.. It does make sense. How CAN you track hackers anyway?
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4 Feb 07
Yeah I got that bulletin too. I didn't really care either way and deleted the grayed out boxes. I had 7 of them.