Jumping on the MyLot Bandwagon

January 29, 2007 8:49pm CST
It seems lately that every money making blog I read has a post about how they've joined MyLot, I resisted joining myself for awhile as the returns didn't seem very high. I eventually succumbed and signed up, just to see what all the fuss was about How much do you get paid? How much you get paid depends on the quality of the contributions. Nobody except MyLot know exactly how the payments are worked out, but there seems to be some complex algorithm that rewards for quality. What this means is you get paid less or possibly even nothing for simple one word answers, and more for more thorough answers. Although even if the quality of your responses are high the payouts are still small, only a few cents, you have to do a lot of writing to make significant amounts. You can also make money by referring new members, getting a percentage of what they earn. Why join? There are a couple of reasons I can see for joining, and I have listed them below. 1. If you like to participate in forums and discussions anyway, you may as well get paid something to do it. 2. Traffic to your website or blog. By adding you site address to your MyLot profile and in your responses (only where appropriate), you will likely generate some extra traffic. 3. Making money by starting and participating in as many discussions as possible and from referrals. So far I have only participated in about 20 discussions and only made about $0.50, but after responding to a money making discussion and including my blog address, I did receive an extra 25- 30 hits. I think if you have time and like to participate in lots of discussions this can be a good way of making a few extra quid and maybe even generating some traffic to your own blog or website, but it won't make you a living. Give it a try and see what you think.
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