The Execution of Saddam Hussein

January 29, 2007 8:55pm CST
Though I feel that no one should rejoice in the death of Saddam Hussein, I don't necessarily feel as though his death is another example of ruthless violence that is so prevalent in the world today. That man epitomized evil. Saddam was tried fairly and found guilty of the crimes charged against him. He was afforded an appeal and still found guilty. He new the law and he broke it and he has paid the price. Let us not weep for Saddam Hussein's death (save the fact that his professed faith marks him lost), but instead, let us weep for the many people on this planet who revel in seeing his death. Let us weep for those with a thirst for violence and when we're done weeping. my question is if saddam was a criminal then what about those who are freely moving in the dress of politician nothing can be done agianst them?????
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