Newbiz queries on Mylot earning and more~

January 29, 2007 9:17pm CST
well... firstly i am a day old newbiz in mylot, 1)About my lot earning~ My Paypal account is just open, and needed to wait for the actication on the credit card ~something like that..... I've posted a few discussion and reply some post. Now for the nextday, i have yet to see any earning. WHY? 2)About the STAR icon in some of the replies candidate. What is that? i've seen purple star, red star each with numbers inside. What is it all about? 3) About the "... best replies "that was at the side of the replies candidate. What is this? why should we vote for them? Does it matter if we don't click on it? 4)About discussion. How can i track back my discussion? As times passes, i might have a hundred new discussion, other than putting it in my discussion , where else can i group it? Thanks~
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