What drives a person to cheat?

January 29, 2007 9:42pm CST
Let me clarify first that this is not a post to justify cheating. I have posted a topic about Double standards in cheating discussing how the genders are used as an excuse for cheating. Anyway, just been thinking a lot about cheating as a subject and how common it is in relationships. It's as if people have an on-hand information about it, either they cheated, cheated on or their friends were cheated on or the ones who actually cheated. Now I ask, what really drives a person to cheat? I personally think that it takes 2 to tango in a relationship. One of the couple cheats because there's something lacking in his/her partner that he/she finds in another person. But then we're not perfect so there's always something lacking in a relationship or within that person but still some couples manage not to cheat. That's why I posted this topic to learn what really drives people to do it. Please post your opinions or your personal experiences. Thank you.
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• Philippines
30 Jan 07
what drives a person to cheat?,,i really really do not know, but if you and your partner have good communication and you discuss things openly,you both chase away the doubts that leads to cheating,,thats my own opinion. have a nice day
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