Duck vrs Chicken

@patabu74 (167)
United States
January 29, 2007 10:33pm CST
Why is it that when a person yells "duck", they are yelling at you to help you out, but when a person yells "chicken" they are insulting you?
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• Canada
30 Jan 07
Let's see, i think the only answer I can give you for this one is that people who yell "duck" to help you out is because when something comes towards your head, you actually move downward in a "duck"ing motion this something that ducks actually do. As for being insulted by a word like "chicken" we all know that "chickens" 'cluck and flap their wings even though they can't fly! cluck=crying, "flap"=waving arms in frustration or anger. So when you see a person behaving in this movement, it reminds you of a "chicken" and that's why nobody likes being called a "chicken". Other than that I hope this sense to you!!
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• China
30 Jan 07
It is very interesting. I have no idea about it. I also want to know the reason. is there anyone who knows the answer? I am waiting online. thanks in advance.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
17 Feb 07
Well, that is a really good question. I just don't know the reasons behind that, though. That is something.