In trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ktmpok (611)
January 29, 2007 11:31pm CST
I used to have a gril in mine life in the pst days,she was mine friend from childhood and was mine gal too.We had spent much of time together with eachother in the past days.But she just moved to another city with her parents and we just loosed eachother and don't have any means to communicate eachother.But one day she just came back to mine city after 4 years and just we fall again in love with eachother and she just went back to her own city.But that time i got her number and adderess.I had went to her house time by time and chat with eachother and do phone to eachother.I just made decesion to marry her but she just left meah alone and went to out of country.After some years she just came back.I had forgot what she had done with meha but i can't forgot her and do still love her .I had phoned her when she just came her after long time and just felt that she do love meah still and want to be with meah.I'm also thinking just to propose her again but i afraid if her answer will be no then.This question is always comes to mine mind day by day.So i haven't said anythings to her.Should i porpose her?
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