Hurricanes or Tornado's

@minerc (1373)
United States
January 29, 2007 11:43pm CST
I have lived in Tornado Valley where every year for a few month's the weather gets really bad and Tornado's pop up and you run to the storm shelter until they blow away. Now I live in a coastal town where every year for a few month's the weather gets bad and hurricanes pop up and they track them to our area. To me living in the tornado area was alot tuffer than the Hurricanes only because with Hurricanes you have more of a warning. What do you think, have you ever lived in an area with either one or even both?
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• United States
24 Feb 07
I haven't experienced hurricanes, so I'm coming from a tornado only perspective, but here's my opinion. I prefer my tornado lifestyle over a potential hurricane lifestyle, primarily for the length of time that the mentioned storms affect an area. Tornadoes tend to be fairly brief occurrences compared to hurricanes. I'd rather have it over and done with fairly quickly rather than sit through days of steadily increasing natural violence. Area of effect is another issue for me. Hurricanes and their extended storm systems affect a much larger area than tornadoes and their associated storm systems. I was thinking there was another factor in my decision, but I can't think of it right now. My $0.02 at the moment.
@applsofgld (2506)
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26 Feb 07
I don't have a storm shelter, but we want to build one. We survived Katrina and not only us, but everyone we know and love experienced this horrific storm. We still have our home though, so we are thankful. Many of our relatives lost their homes, even their entire town. Tornadoes are expected with hurricanes, but hurricanes at least we get some fair warnings about their approach so as to prepare the best you can. But the tornadoes that just pop up from bad weather storms, they scare me a lot, they are so unpredictable. I watch the weather a lot and try to stay informed. If I lived in tornado Valley I would definitely be building me a storm shelter as soon as possible.