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January 29, 2007 11:50pm CST
I currently work at McDonald's I have been there for over two years now and have just been promoted to shift manager. Finally!! I love this job, it can be very stressful but the people you meet are phenomenal. I have been introduced to so much culture for the latino's that work with us. What do you like about your job? It's unfortunate though that our owner/operator is a complete jerk and is trying to replace our store manager. Our store manager has worked at McDonald's since he was 16. He's now 42. Of course he's almost at the top of the food chain (pardon the pun). He does a great job but our owner/operator doesn't understand the customers and how things work in the store. He wants our times faster in the drive through but it's impossible to have fast times in the winter when your hands are numb and the customers are freezing as well, so everything goes slower. What kind of customer are you in the driver-thru? Do you have your money ready? Just curious. Do you know how to order your food or do you take forever?
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@emeraldisle (13146)
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31 Jan 07
Usuaully I know what we are going to order and will have the money at least mostly ready. Might have to dig for some change or something minor. What will iritate me when in the drive thru is I'll order, tell them the drink and size, and tell them that's it and they will re-ask if I want to super size, ask again what I wanted to drink, ask me if I want some dessert, ask if I'd like anything else, or worse all of the above. I already told them that was it why ask again?
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7 Feb 07
haha, I understand your frusturation. You have to understand that we are trained to ask you all of these questions and when you have been taking orders all day long, even though you have heard what the person is ordering it's such an engrained habit to ask the questions, even if they have been answered.