do u belive in god....???

January 29, 2007 11:54pm CST
no one can go bck and make a brand new start...anyone can start frm now and make a new endin..God didnt promise days without pain,laughte without sorrow,sun without rain,but he did promise strength for the day,comfort for tears,and light for the day..... there thousands of people across the world who dont belive in god.... why wht are the reasons behind it... is it tht they belive in their self too much to ask god anythg.... or they just dont belive in power of god.... there have been many miracles across the globe which clearly states god exist but thn y many people just say i dont belive.... or one of the reason is life has been too harsh on them..... dont these people knw tht if god gives sorrow he gives happiness too.... u have too think tht u wont kw the joy of happiness until u hve gone through hard times.... because whn u knw wht is pain thts whn u knw wht joy happiness brings.... until u dnt knw wht is hunger u wont knw the joy of food... until u hve never been alone u wont knw the warmth of being around loved ones... until u hve not been hated or ignored u wont knw the joy of love and been cared for.... wht ever happens there is a reason behind it,,,,, so still y some people face their backs to god.....
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@simplysue (631)
• United States
3 Feb 07
Yes, I do believe in God. I also believe that others have a right to believe in thier God of matter what name they call their Higher Power. I don't believe that my God is any better or worse than their's because I believe in the end we will find that one God will be pleased that we all honored Him in our very special, personal way.
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@aidonia (4210)
• Greece
2 Feb 07
I believe in God.I always did and always will.I except whatever He give to me at this life good or bad with respect and godliness.
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