what about gay, lesbians, and transexual .....?

January 30, 2007 12:11am CST
i am living in a country where have alot of cultural, habits, and unwriten rules about life, which those local moral made us morally prisoned for many hundreds years, and not being ourselves, related to the subject, what should we do if, you living with this kind of circumtances and decide to being yourselves .....?
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@charlesming (1866)
• Singapore
31 Jan 07
In our country, it is said that the culture is conservative. They do not really criminnalise us, but flaunting the sexuality is discouraged. Fair enough I figure. There are certain areas where PLUs group together. In the past a lot of restrictions were in place as the inking was that homosexuals = AIDs. It has soften up a little but recently it sparked off another incident when nation parties (equivalent to mardi gras) were banned from our country and is now held in thailand instead. What i'd say is, they can do whatever they think they can, but one cannot deny the fact that they exist and that they are here to stay. it is not a disease, nor a lifestyle. They are also humans, just like everyone else regardless of race language or religion.