@dmanuel (411)
January 30, 2007 12:56am CST
i had a meeting with my boss this morning. since im pretty new with the job and the company she aked me basic things like do i enjoy my work? do i get bored? why do i come to work? am i motivated to work? i simply told her that yes! my job may not be the highest paying job in the world, i know that it's not as exciting compared to other people's job, but yes i am still motivated to work. my boss wondered why and i told her that i always get excited coming to work because i can dress up. i can wear clothes that i don't really get to wear, and the shoes that's been on my cabinet for years. i told her that im a shirt, pants and rubber shoes type of girl. she smiled and told me she was amazed by my answer. the bottom line is motivation should still come from within. the inner happiness counts most. sure i'd love to have a job that pays a lot! but i also want a job that makes me comfortable and gives me an opportunity to explore my other side. it's fun, it's simple but it keeps me going everyday. i just hope we all find our motivation and overcome our depressions. peace out! :)
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