When was the first time you felt that instant connection know as friendship?

United States
January 30, 2007 1:28am CST
When was the first time you met someone and felt that instant connection known as friendship? It's weird but I remember it and can picture it vividly in my head. My first real friend was this girl Sarah, I'm not sure exactly what made up click like friends. I remember Sarah always being what most would consider as "different." Sarah had a brain tumor as a baby, and as a result she had very little hair and was behind our age mentally. To me though the way she looked was something that never crossed my mind. I started talking to her and I didn't care what she looked like or what she was able to do or not. Why should that matter in me considering her as a friend? I some times wonder how many people in my life I wouldn't have met if I judged them before I got the chance to know them. Sarah and I always used to hang out on the playground and we had most of the same teachers throughout school, and I used to help Sarah with her work so she wasn't behind if she wasn't able to get special ed help. I remember hanging out on the playground going on the slide and the kick-butt tire swing hehe. I also remember when we did the talent show in second grade. We used this really bad version of Twist N Shout with Barbie singing it lol. We got up on stage and we both sort of went silent and didn't dance around like planned. I remember the older kids helping us and before we knew it we were having fun and other people were dancing too. It still bothers me though the hard times Sarah had to go through during school, the kids were relentless with picking on her, they made even more fun of her in middle school when she started wearing a wig. It was a real self-esteem booster for her when she wore it. It made her feel more like what people consider "normal." She was cool and sweet the way she was. After she left during the 8th grade we mostly lost touch. I really miss getting to see her and being her friend. I used to work at a music store and her mom came in a few times and she always kept me up-to-date about things going on with Sarah and she said Sarah missed hanging out with me. I'm hoping one day we can get together again and pick the friendship up where we left off. Sorry for all the sappiness but this is what I've got going on in my mind right now hehe -Stephanie
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