Paparazzi...what is too far?

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January 30, 2007 1:32am CST
I have to admit that I do get caught up in celebrity photos and the videos of celebrities going off on the paparazzi. The thing is that I feel somewhat bad for the famous. They have no privacy anymore. What is too much? When has it just gone too far? Where is the line? Are celebrities justified when they lash out at their lack of privacy?
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@ugachaka (297)
• United States
30 Jan 07
I'm a sucker for all of the latest news on celebs too but I do feel bad for them from time to time. I saw a video the other day of Paris Hilton running out of gas and 20 photographers were just taking pictures of it. One guy finally offered to help, but he videotaped every step of him helping her. The real shame is all of the marriages that are torn apart by all of the attention. I don't feel one bit of pity for any photographer that gets their camera smacked out of their hands. The jam their cameras in celebs faces and turn it into national news when one of the celebs doesn't like it.
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