Interview in nearby or in future (Mainly for those who in need to attend this)

January 30, 2007 1:56am CST
Here I would give the some tips for the preparation of interview in IT companies...So make use of it... If u want to be placed in software companies, read and practice some books on GRE. That might help. You may need some basic understanding of programming languages like C/C++/Java. Also, speak to your seniors who got already placed to get some ideas. As far as interviews are concerned, do some preparation for standard questions like: why do you want to join our company?, why do u choose an IT job? how can u contribute to our company?, what are ur strengths/ weaknesses?, do you know anything about our company? and so on. These are some common questions that might be asked. So, prepare and practice the response. But, during interview, any kind of questions might crop up. Dont worry. Be relaxed. If you really dont know anything about the question being asked, be honest and tell them you dont know. Interview is a learning/ evolving process. Nobody can teach u what to do. You have to learn and improve. Dont lose heart if you are not successful. Not only you there are many who would have failed. Learn the lessons and look for the next one. There is a job waiting for you!! ALL THE BEST
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