How do i GAIN weight??

@pix_trix (447)
January 30, 2007 2:53am CST
ok.. we have had a discussion recently asking how to lose weight.. i am sure everyone faces that problem, but i have a different issue in life. i cant gain weight!! though i know most of you must be laughing at me for asking such a stupid thing, and for many of you it might be sounding like a blessing- "not able to gain weight" .. but think of it.. i am a guy, and i m soo skinny, i hate it! even if i eat.. hog.. sit at one place.. stop exercising.. i dont gain weight, even if i do.. it vanishes as soon as my diet is reduced by an ounce or i fall sick for even a Day! my mom n dad arent really fat, so its probably in the genes.. but i wanna have a body!!! pls help!