Whose smile do you wish to see everyday?

Smile - whose smile do you want to see everyday? the smile of a monkey?
January 30, 2007 6:40am CST
Unquestioning Obedience. It's not eassy. Its never popular. But it always saves the day for those who have the right person to obey. Obedience hits the natural man to his very heart. It shakes his pride, the thing that brought mess to our world.Jesus. The son of God. The king of the universe. The Lord of Lords. The Creator of the cosmos. The one who is Enthroned in the Highest Place, whose glory not even the heavens can contain, submerged in the stinking muddy waters of the river,being baptized by a smelly,locust-eating,weird looking guy,John the Baptist,who of course is not worthy even to untie the thongs of His sandals. Why? Because the Father said so. Why resist when a stunning sweetsheeks, whos not your wife,invites you to bed? Why be honest when everybody's pockets are padded with dirty money,except yours?Why do you still wait and believe that ther's something better for you,when God seems too slow for your schedule? Why believe in God's love when you're sick and cancer is wrecking your body? Because God said so. And because the smile of God is more than worth it all. Do you agree?
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