Do you think reading story before bedtime affects the dreamsof your kids?

@k3tk3t (3131)
January 30, 2007 6:48am CST
I think really affects the dreams of the kids so the story should be very pleasant,nice and for children...
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@Eiloin (327)
30 Jan 07
I don't really know, but I believe stories that are very emotional or scary could actually affect a child's sleep. However, I have heard that what really matters is not the content of the story, but the tone of the voice you use. I have heard you can practically read even the newspaper to your child, as long as you keep a calm, soft voice. Anyway, I do not know whether this is true or not, but I would never take the chance to try this and I would limit myself to the classic bedtime stories
• Indonesia
30 Jan 07
It is true. I believe that a bedtime stories before sleeping have a relaxing effect. More over the soothing voice of a mother or anyone telling a story makes them fall asleep more easily. It will not only their dream that will be affected, I am sure. It's more to the bond between the storyteller and the listener, in this case - the parent and kids.