survivor or savior. - Who would you want to be asurvivor or savior?
January 30, 2007 7:06am CST
He stayed on an island for weeks,ate all sorts of weird food and carried out every conceivable difficult challenge...all for one million dollars. He is the Survivor. He was arrested without a solid cause,scourged,crowned with thorns,crucified and murdered on the cross...all for the salvation of our sould. He is the SAVIOR Both had to battle for a prize. for the Survivor,it was to gain material wealth. That is why he had to compete and treat everyone as an enemy,making sure that he alone prevailed till the end. The savior,on the other hand wanted to rescue as many lives as he could by His death on the cross,thus amid affliction, He remained meek and humble and treated everyone,even His persecutors, with love and compassion. both seemed to have lost their sanity and done things out of the ordinary. But not without a cause. The survivor wants to have everything for himself,while the Savior promises to bring about peace and happiness beyong this earth to those who will follow His steps. Will you join the Savior,or would you rather be a Survivor?
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