Why do my lotters do this

@teenal (970)
January 30, 2007 7:11am CST
I have been flicking around here looking at posts and profiles and as usual I have a complaint . Its about the stupid one line posters. I know they are only here for the money which is O.K. I guess but they could at least post something interesting and not one line questions that can only be answered with one word. What bugs me as much as these posters is the eejits that answer them. All earning I guess but I dont answer them and give a neg rating to any I find. Rant over!!
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@cuddleme01 (2727)
• Philippines
31 Jan 07
some mylotters are just really here for money. they dont give a damn on what they are posting. ive seen so many of this kind of post, a thousand perhaps. new users will come in and most will do the same thing. make one line post or one word responses. earning is what they are focusing on but they fail to realize that this do not give them a good earning. i think they do not get a cent for this type of discussions.
@BittyBiddy (2903)
• Ireland
30 Jan 07
I've already ranted about some myLotters this evening. I got 9 e-mails in this evening where a guy had started 9 discussions, all about computers. He just reworded them each time. I don't get it and I don't get the one liner posts either. I saw a post once. The title was "You like". In the description there was simply "?" At times like that I love the negative rating key.