What are the characteristics of a good neighbor?

January 30, 2007 7:30am CST
I think ythe most iportant characteristics of a neibour are friendliness and helpfulnes.What is your idea?
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@XxAngelxX (2831)
• Canada
30 Jan 07
I have a great neighbor. For the most part he keeps to himself, but if he needs something he has been known to come out on the deck and ask. One time, he brought me and a friend some chocolate chip cookies he had just baked. He is very friendly and really a wonderful person to live beside. He never complains about us, and I never hear any noise from his place, or at least none I would bother to complain about. He is just an all around nice guy.
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
25 Feb 07
I think a good neighbor should possess some of the following qualities. I think a good neighbor should be helpful, friendly, caring, respectful and compassionate. I think each of these qualities are important in a good neighbor because I'd like to believe that a good neighbor is someone I can count on when I need help or even when I just need some advice on something. There's something that is great about having a neighbor that is willing to give you a hand when you need it most. Also when you need to get some advice on anything from home repairs to decoration of the yard and perhaps even the interior of the house, it would be nice to have someone close to be able to turn to for help. I'd like a good neighbor to definitely be friendly. I could not see myself being comfortable living next to someone who is a complete jerk. I know I have to be comfortable in my own house and to have someone friendly next door it just makes it more pleasant. Plus, at least I would know when we ran into each other when we were outside at the same time they wouldn't be grumbling and grunting about stuff. I could rest assured they would at least have something nice to say when I saw them. It would be really good too if the neighbor was respectful. This is possibly one of the biggest things for me because I've lived in places before where the neighbors haven't really cared about the people next door. I lived in places where the neighbors would blare their tv's or music at all hours of the night and when I complained to them or the apartment manager, it would just keep going. It used to frustrate the heck out of me and my other half because it seemed like they didn't care about us as neighbors. We began to give the noise back to them because we were at our wit's end. We had enough and were tired of being treated as garbage and not people. It was a big reason why we left the place we lived in previously. I would appreciate a good neighbor who was caring and compassionate for the fact that if something bad happened around my household, I like to know they genuinely cared about what was going on and they would try to help as well. I don't want to live beside someone who is nothing but fake all the time because I would begin to feel uncomfortable talking to them. Even exchanging pleasantries like a simple "Hello" would feel forced or rushed. If nothing else the neighbor I would want would at least say "Hello" and ask a couple more questions about how I was doing and maybe what's new. Most of all I would like a neighbor to be helpful. If I was trying to put together something in my yard and I needed some help, if there was no one else around I know I could ask them for help. I would like to have that type of neighbor instead of one who just keeps to themselves ALL the time and does not interact with the rest of us. In conclusion, I find these traits to be some of the biggest and most important ones to me. I would look for these characteristics in a neighbor because I would like to believe the person or people I lived besides were good and not brought up in a bad way. To bad the my neighbors right now where I am living weren't like that! . . haha! Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
3 Mar 07
Very impressive article on neighborhood in deed.To make a long story short,this coming October it's going to be 10Th year anniversary since I've ignored my next door 'neighbour' from the left.The people are complete jerks,rednecks,you name it! Especially his wife.She wrote me a nasty letter after my boy parked the car in front of their HOME a few times.You know how kids are.BTW, I saved the letter and I'm toying with the idea to drop a copy of it to their mailbox on the anniversary.So he knows for sure what and why it is happening to him. The street belongs to the city,but they think they own the "spot".Before the "problem' we've had pretty good relationship.In the letter she titled me;'Neighbour'.No name. Actually they could approach me and discuss it if necessary,but they decided on other alternative.Fine. The result of it is,I'm making sure I'm not out when he is(they are)/cutting grass,working around the property/ and when I ran into him by accident I looked the other way.Before we had no fence in between.You should see the fence now.And so it goes.I this neighbourhood people are not very friendly.But I don't need them.Can do without. My next house - NO neighbours.
• India
30 Jan 07
Yes of course your opinion is correct neibors are must required the helping nature, friendly movment, and even cleaness,
• Turkey
1 Feb 07
So I see u eye to eye.
• United States
28 Feb 07
To me, as long as they are not nosy neighbors, I'm fine with them.
• United States
27 Feb 07
I like a quite person that isn't in to my business. But if you see him will take the time to talk to you for a bit.
• United States
30 Jan 07
I agree with you but also want to add "respect". A good neighbor needs to respect their neighbors space. Be mindful of the noise you are making or your children and pets are making. Be open-minded in resolving any issues that might come up. Keep an eye out and be a good neighbor if something isn't "right". I love my neighbors - we have all become friends and we all look out for each others property. If they go on vacation, we feed their animals and keep an eye on if strangers are around or there is a problem. They also do the same for me. I use to have a bad neighbor that was not helpful or respectful at all. They have moved and I'm glad but the house is up for sale and I hope a good family moves in.