Windows Vista

United States
January 30, 2007 8:20am CST
I am wanting to get a new computer in the near future and I am not to sure I want windows vista. It took me a long time to get used to windowsXP I enjoyed using windows 98 and would still use it if I didnt have to have it for our internet service provider. Has anyone gotten the vista yet? what is so diffrent about it and do you find it easy to use . do you get the annoying message when you insert a cd and even though you click take no action and perform this task each time and Still it pops up (sorry one little peave) So let me know if you are using vista and how do you like it so far?
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• India
30 Jan 07
hey, vista is quite reliable, easy and no pop ups i must tell u it is 90% better than XP and 98 moreover it is very fast and has good realistic experience. The aero flip side tchnology makes you flip your window and had a great graphics impact also it has backup allover and u will not loose your file untill you want to. So trust me and buy it you will definitely have no problem thats my guarantee.