what is the weirdest gift you ever got ?

January 30, 2007 8:46am CST
for me, once in my birthday, I never thought of a gift card as the one my friend gave me. you know what she did :-)))), as I really started laughing from my heart. She did a card exactly like hotmail massenger, and used her nick name she used in hotmail massenger and the nick name I used when we chated together, here what she wrote, that time my nick name was Promise_2b_Good and hers Faith_seeker, she also imetated the way I use to chat with her : MSN faith_seeker says : Hi promise_2b_good says: wow prmoise_2b_good says: how r u ? faith_seeker says: fine, u? promise_2b_good says: :-(( faith_seeker says : oho, "Laish 3ad"-----} (Arabic but in english writen means why ) promise_2b_good says: I am depressed ! promise_2b_good says: I don't know what to do? Promise_2b_good says: I am just Promise_2b_good says: fedup Promise_2b_good says: of every thing faith_seeker says : aha ! faith_seeker says: so nothing new faith_seeker says: you are always like that faith_seeker says: :-P promise_2b_good says :-PP faith_seeker says: I also feel fedup lost interest in every thing faith_seeker says: I think we should eat chocolate promise_2b_good says: ya promise_2b_good says: the black one 70% faith_ seeker says: ya :-) promise_2b_good says: :-);-) promise_2b_good says: oh no my father came promise_2b_good says: I got to go now faith_seeker says: wait one more thing promise_2b_good says: what ?? faith_seeker says: I wish you a very happy birthday end.... this was it, what is your weirdest gift :-)))
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