Warning for my Friends and who wants to be one of them

@Xeedar (255)
January 30, 2007 9:25am CST
Ok. Since I was here, a lot of people added me as mylot friend, apparently without reason. Some of them added me just to send me ads of other paying websites, when nobody has asked them. Most of them are people with which I never talked, nor in the forum, neither by PMs. So, starting by today I decided to get thinks clear. All my friends, and all who who wants to add me as a friend MUST know that: 1 - I don't reply to my friends discussions just 'cause they are my friends, for sure I check that discussions, but if I don't find them interesting, I just ignore. So, don't add me thinking I'll increase your star rating or your responses. 2 - I hate spam. Don't add me to send me advertisements, or I'll delete you from my friends immediately, and report to mylot. If I don't ask for a site, it means I don't need it, clear, no? 3 - I don't need useless friends. Most of the mylot friends I have, are unknown for me. I never talked with them. Don't add me without reason. I have just few friends with wich I had interesting discussions and good contacts. I like that kind of friendship, so don't be afraid to add me if you're that kind of person!
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@lisa101 (1363)
• United States
30 Jan 07
Great warning! I have also experienced useless friends. It annoys me when i help them and they never return the favor. I will also be deleting a few friends if no improvement soon. I have not run across a discussion of yours yet before now but when i do i'll see if we have any common intrests!! I hope your luck improves with this matter.
@Xeedar (255)
• Italy
30 Jan 07
I don't open discussions so often, usually I prefer responding to other's discussions. I don't feel this need in opening lots of discussions...when I can have good talking with people in their own discussions, don't you think?