What should my 3 year old son be able to do by now?

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January 30, 2007 9:34am CST
I'm having a terrible time teaching my son his colors. We go over and over them and then I'll ask him what color is this and he always says the wrong color. My husband said, "maybe he's color blind." How is that determined? Anyone else have trouble with 3 year old and colors. He also has a tough time with abc's. I have a 6 year old daughter and she caught on to everthing quickly. She is in K+ and is at the top of her class and reading at the top of her class as well?
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@jan1972 (80)
30 Jan 07
My three year old is exactly the same, he can count, recognises some of his letters, knows his shapes and can match coloured objects with ease, When I ask him what colour something is he never says the right one. I have come to the conclusion that he is winding me up, he knows them but doesn't want me to know, a fire engine can be blue one day and yellow the next. This might be the case with your son. Mine has recently started to push the bounderies with his behaviour and I did think this was just another way of testing our limits. As far as I am aware colour blindness would not cause this, but now your son is 3 he should go for his first eye test and this is one of the things they check. (my son had his last week). With regards to your elder daughter, my eldest now 11 had no problems at all with his colours, numbers etc, and has always been in the top classes at school. I believe that even though I like to think my second child gets the same attention that the eldest one did at that age, he can't as now I have more responsibilities, and grandparents always make more of a fuss of their first grandchild as well. I hope that this helps you a little, and try not to worry too much I'm sure they'll catch up and suprise us in time. Janette