What if your 15 and 16 your boys left home because they don't want to do chores

January 30, 2007 1:29pm CST
After a heated argument on the weekend, my boys have left home saying the grass is greener at dads home, as he doesn't make us do chores we are going to live with him, and plus that they hate my boyfriend. My boyfriend who goes to all games and cheers them on and when he isn't there they are disappionted. I let them go as there father lives like a bum, no hot water or running toliet where he lives and sees and talks to his children 2 or 3 times a year. He came to get them and today called and asked to have the childrens immunizations records birth cert and such forwarded to them so they can reqister at a new school. I said no to all request, said my oldest son thinks he doesn't need me so there fore he doesn't need any information from me he already knows it all. My youngest son I reminded him that I could at anytime have him returned home as I have sole custody and that i am allowing him to be there, if he wants him to transfers schools he would have to take me to court. I am so upset at these to children and hurt at the same time. I knew for a while neither boy had very much respect for me, i just didn't know how little they would rather live in a dive then in there warm beds and they are both sport junkies they are on every team at school from rugby football to badminton just to name a few. And they both know that there father would not contribute any sports and yet they give up there lives to live with a bum. Can anyone explain this too me? Have you dealt with the same thing? I could really use some advice here, anything will help.
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