I want to buy e-gold and i am willing to pay with paypal

October 9, 2006 3:54pm CST
If someone wants to sell e-gold i can pay him with paypal.
5 responses
@frederik (481)
• Belgium
18 Oct 06
Goto talkgold forums and i'm sure some people will help you out. Please always deal with people who have a post count of at least 250. Most people are honest but there are also scammers there.
@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
18 Oct 06
This the very values tips for anyone who trade online..do some homework before you make any decision:)
@istanto (8571)
• Indonesia
18 Oct 06
hmm.. just be carefull.. before you spent yout egold.. ask the money from paypal first.
@britishyip (1614)
• India
18 Oct 06
how much eGold u want? the payment paypal shd be verified.. and eGold transfer will take place only after verification by PayPal support team.. interested mail me..
• India
18 Oct 06
What are you guys talking about?????
@antoisra (821)
• Sri Lanka
18 Oct 06
Aye, go with what Frederik said. Take the one with the highest posts. And don't trade too big sum directly. If you're trading perhaps $100, trade it in 5small sums of $20 instead. //Santa's Little Helper