Do You Really Know What Your True Passion Is?

January 30, 2007 11:11pm CST
A friend challenge me," Do you really know where your passion lies? I could not give a direct answer. I have many interests. I have many dreams. Modesty aside, I think I have many God-given talents. And I have not stopped developing myself even now that Im almost a golden girl. I now ask myself too, "Where really is your passion,Tess?" That question got me thinking. Am I an aimless woman,not knowing where her true passion is? Ten years ago, When I started taking my spiritual journey seriously,I didnt know where I was going. I simply trusted and followed the paths that God opened for me. I became a writer, a counselor, a hesitant teacher. Wait, I think thats where my passion lies - it is in going wherever He takes me,and trusting that He is unfolding His plan for my life, as gently as the unfolding of a rose.
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