Comforting Myself

January 31, 2007 12:11am CST
"all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now"... human suffering was great years over. many were depressed. today, human distress is even greater, and more people than ever are depressed. but should that surprise us? not really.. this is what we call, -the critical times hard to deal with-... when people experience prolonged anxiety, fear, grief, or such negative emotions, they often become depressed.that cause of depression or extreme sadness may be a broken relationship or something. people also become depressed when they develop a sense of wothlessness, when they feel they are a failure and have let everyone down. anyone may be devastated bya stressful situation, but when a person develops a sense of hopelessness and is unable to see any way of a bad situation, severe depression may result. today, many have become depressed becaus of overtaxing themselves,trying to follow a daily routine that is beyond their mental, emotional, and physical resources. apparently, coupled with negative thoughts and emotions, can affect the body, thus producing depression. without a doubt, the Bible's advice, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT OTHERS CARE ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON. YOU NEED TO HEAR SOMEONE SAY, "I UNDERSTAND; YOU'LL BE ALRIGHT.. the person who is depressed often needs to take the initiative by seeking out an empathetic person in whom to confide. this one should be a good listener and be very patient. He or she should avoid lecturing the depressed one or making judgmental statements, such as 'you shouldn't feel liike that or 'that's the wrong attitude!!'... the depressed person's emotions are fragile, and such critical comments will only make her feel worse about herself. one who is depressed may feel worthless. yet a person should remember that what really counts is how God values one. :'( true! it may be hard for a person who is severely depressed, who is ovewhelmed with her weaknesses and shortcomings, to believe that God so highly values her. God is greater than our hearts and knows all things. however, sometimes it is impossible to defeat depression completely, even when everything has been tried. :'(
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