working with an incompetent operations manager

@uniqua (22)
January 31, 2007 12:14am CST
our team had a general assembly with our operations manager, team managers, and supervisors. the meeting was seemed right. Our OM facilitated the discussion and discussed how we started and how we flared during the previous year, and what are the goals for the coming year. after the presentation, it's time for the question and answer session. she told us that we have made a significant increase in our performance and therefore they used it as the base data for a projection of the targets or the goals that we're going to achieve. i asked if they were able to identify the factors contributed to this significant and really astonishing increase in our performance. it was so pathetic that she doesnt know where these numbers came from. it is so absurd to hear that she used a base data for a goal without justifying the figures she has come up with and so eager to pursue the goal. and too many absurdities to justify her incompetence. it comes to my mind that she must be kicked off her desk and think about the person who might replace her. i was so dissatisfied in the way that she doesnt know the details of her business especially for an OM. asking for her replacement, i think of an OM who's detailed and competent. but if that is the case... hahaha... an om who has the "attention to detail" personality/characteristic may also sound "are we having a martial law here?" but still i want someone whom we can consider competent for her job.
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