unfair financial stuff in Canada

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@imsilver (1668)
January 31, 2007 1:02am CST
lol... i know the subject line makes no sense but I just can't think of one for this vent... I couldn't think of a category for it either so I'm just plunking it under general discussions.. It's mostly just a rant I guess.. A friend of mines parents just got divorced. Her mom (no kids at home)gets the house (which is paid off and clear) and the court has decided that she needs $1800/month to live off of. So why can a court say that and yet our gov't can say that as I single mom with two kids and rent and bills and stuff only need $881/month. Granted I get baby bonus for $480/month but that's still a ways away from $1800. Maybe I'm missing something but it's been bugging me ever since I heard the judge's decision.
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