ms cole.

United States
January 31, 2007 1:55am CST
Sultry and seductive, mature and yet refreshing, Keyshia Cole exemplifies today's top R and B soultress of a singer. Don't let her fiery red cascading hair fool you, reminiscent of Ariel from the sea, it only contributes to her rich, glamorous image. Collaborating with other notables like P.Diddy and Kanye West, Cole has clearly established herself in the realm of today's modern music phenomenom. Her songs are upbeat, full of passion, strong emotion and often depict tales of heartbroking, lustful love and wanting, all making for an excellent rhymthic batch of songs worth listening to. Who doesn't love her? Said to be a mix of Mary J, a little Beyonce and Alicia Keys, Cole is an artist I personally adore and hope to see singing for quite a while... as she said herself, "I Don't Want it to Be Over," and Keyshia, let me tell you, once your singing's done with, music will never be the same.
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